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Website relaunch for A&M Unternehmerberatung

New appearance for a better target group approach

About A&M Unternehmerberatung

The agency supports craft businesses and companies around the house in using online marketing measures to receive ready-to-buy customer inquiries and find suitable skilled workers. Currently, A&M Unternehmerberatung advises 600 businesses throughout Germany.

The logo of A&M Unternehmerberatung GmbH
The new home page of the A&M

About the project

The focus of the website relaunch was on two main things:

The creation of a high-quality web design that would make A&M appear serious in the future, generate customer inquiries and visually stand out from the competition.

And also a clean and well thought-out implementation in Webflow, which will allow for easy maintenance in the future without much prior knowledge.

With the relaunch of our website, Flo managed to present A&M Unternehmerberatung in a more professional and target group-oriented way in the future. From the initial meeting to the handover of the website, we were involved in the process at all times and Flo was always available to answer our questions. During the implementation in Webflow, care was taken to make the maintenance of the website as easy as possible for us. The quick implementation, uncomplicated communication and Flo's solution-oriented thinking have been a big plus.

- Marvin Flenche, co-founder and managing director of A&M Unternehmerberatung

The new homepage of A&M Unternehmerberatung in detail
The new homepage of A&M Unternehmerberatung in detail
Die Unterseite
A&M Unternemerberatung shows its method to generate new customers and applicants
Veranschaulichung des aktuellen Bewerbermarktes
Graph illustrating the applicant market
Illustration of the A&M method
Illustration of the A&M method
Industry-oriented landing pages

Industry-oriented landing pages

Through the use of industry-oriented landing pages, target groups are now better reached and specifically addressed. The desired industries are thus even better informed about the services and solutions of A&M.

In the end, these types of landing pages also increase conversion rates because they are targeted to the needs and challenges of a specific industry.

Simple maintenance thanks to Webflow

Thanks to the use of Webflow, it will be very easy for customers to edit content themselves in real time in the future.

By using CMS Collections, for example, customer testimonials, blog posts, landing pages and more can be managed and updated quickly and easily.

All in all, Webflow thus offers customers a powerful and user-friendly CMS for maintaining and managing their website content.

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