Web Design

Redesign for the SaaS company Vispato

Vispato has enabled dozens of companies and law firms to implement a confidential whistleblowing system to report violations of the DSGVO or other offences such as money laundering in accordance with the law.

Imagery & Impression

What is the main message you want to communicate with your clients? It's really easy to describe the core of your company.But what about imagery as stock photos or even better individual company pictures? To underline the overall impression we always try to figure out the most powerful and meaningful imagery to attract your clients and potential partners.

Interface of the online Ottonova Saving Calculator
Product page of Vispato
Detail view of the Vispato homepage
Detail view of the Vispato homepage
The career page of Vispato.
The career page of Vispato.
The blog and knowledge base of Vispato.
The blog and knowledge base of Vispato.

Everything starts with the
consistency in our design

Therefore I create an individual design system based on the company branding. The colours and fonts are chosen with the same intention to represent the company as well as the core and key business.

Vispato Design System
Vispato Design System

Our future is mobile

Did you know that more than 50% of the website traffic is produced from mobile visits ? Mobile design is becoming more and more important. For Vispato it was especially important that all users could use the complete volume of the web content also on mobile devices. I created an appealing and smart mobile appearance

Florian helped us launch our new landingpage with a beautiful design and clear branding guidance. We couldn't be happier with his work and dedication.

Bastian Halbach, Co-founder of Vispato

Vispato Illustrations - Diamonds

Custom Icons & Illustrations

For the individual pricing plans of Vispato I have chosen detailed diamonds that are completely vector-based. Because in the worst case Vispato saves a company from huge damage the software is worth as much as a diamond - or even more.


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