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Smartkündigen: Simply cancel contracts online

Website relaunch for legal tech company Smartkündigen

The client and the project

The cancellation service smartkündigen was founded in 2019 and allows consumers to cancel contracts quickly, free of charge and legally secure.

The cancellation is 100% digital via the smartkündigen website. Consumers can search for the contract provider and then use an intuitive form to send the cancellation directly in the browser.

Smartkündigen Homepage
Smartkündigen Cancellation form

Digital cancellation in the browser

Using an intuitive form, which is similar to the structure of a written notice of termination, consumers can easily and quickly create and send a legally compliant notice of termination..

The process is very simple: The consumer enters all the relevant data for the cancellation step by step and signs the cancellation directly in the browser. Either with the mouse on the computer or with the finger on the smartphone. After sending, the consumer receives a digital confirmation of cancellation.

Overview of Smartkündigen redesign
Overview of Smartkündigen redesign
"Press" sub page
"Transparency" sub page
Contract world of Smartkündigen
Contract world of Smartkündigen
Contract world of Smartkündigen
Contract world of Smartkündigen
3D Illustrations (Based on Handy 3D Hands)
3D Illustrations (Based on Handy 3D Hands)

I've been working with Flo for about 2 years now and I have to say that since day 1 I'm 100% thrilled and a huge fan of his work. He is communicative, empathetic and very professional. In addition, Flo is a very talented designer and knows exactly what to look for. It is an enrichment to work with Flo.

– Cem Karahan, Co-Founder of Smartkündigen

Responsive Design

Nowadays, many contracts and subscriptions are handled via smartphone. It is therefore important that a cancellation can also be sent conveniently via the smartphone.

High demands on the responsive design were met to ensure impeccable operation on mobile devices. This means that the entire website, including the provider search and cancellation section, can be used conveniently on mobile devices.

smartkuendigen Responsive Design
Smartkündigen Contract World

Smartkündigen Contract Worl

To enable customers not only to terminate their contracts quickly and free of charge, there is the smartterminate contract world.

The contract world provides consumers with an overview of existing subscriptions, contracts and insurance policies and their costs. Expenses can not only be easily recorded there, but also optimized. Consumers can use the contract world to conclude better or more favorable contracts.