UX/UI Design

ottonova - Saving Calculator

Designing & working for the first digital private health insurance in Germany

The Saving Calculator

The saving calculator was the centerpiece for the ottonova project. We designed all elememts with the intention to build an powerful calculator which is able to calculate the savings for the change from health insurance coverage to private health insurance coverage. The total savings are underlined visually by graphical elements and ottonova´s piggy bank.

Interface of the online ottonova Saving Calculator
The ottonova saving calculator.
Overview over differnt pries for ottonova tarifs
Table for easy comparison of the available plans.
Dark UI of the ottonova Saving Calculator
Exploration: Dark interface

Florian is a very talented designer and was able to quickly grasp what’s necessary in order to create compelling designs for ottonova. […] I can highly recommend working with him.

– Sebastian Scheerer, Co-Founder of ottonova

ottonova responsive Design

Responsive & mobile

All my designs are build for desktop and mobile devices as the content need to be visualized for everyone, everywhere and should be reachable for all devices. Therefore we include responsive elements from the beginning for each new project. For ottonova we created the same User Experience for mobile and desktop so each potential client has the same experience.