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Nodion: Redesign for the German PaaS provider

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New landing page of Nodion

About Nodion

With the fully managed services (PaaS) users can quickly deploy and easily scale their applications without having to worry about any servers or infrastructure.

Overview #2
Overview #2
Career page
Career page
Homepage of Nodion
Homepage of Nodion

Customized charts and graphs

When it comes to creating outstanding websites for software companies, one of the most important components is creating simple and self-explanatory diagrams. This is the only way to easily communicate functions and processes to potential customers from all departments. In the end, everyone from the CEO to the developer is engaged.

Visualization of supported frameworks and languages
Visualization of a deployment pipeline build with Nodion
Chart showing available containers and frameworks
Image representing the Nodion cloud service
Chart of Nodion's load balancers
Instance management of Nodion

Florian brought our website to a professional and visually very appealing level for our commercial launch - both in the desktop and mobile version. We are now looking forward to launching into the market with this as a high-quality provider. The collaboration was always very pleasant, the communication fast and straightforward and the results good. Gladly again for the next UI/UX projects.

– Claas Terpoorten, Business Development at Nodion

Pixel perfect and unique design for SaaS websites

The website for a SaaS product or PaaS product is designed with a very high design standard and pixel perfect by me. With a unique design you can stand out from the crowd and stay in the mind of your target audience.

In addition, it is important that your tool is presented in a simplified and understandable way. Find out here how I can help you create a website for your SaaS company.

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