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New user journey and new interface design for LIVEDAB

Redesign for a unique product

Project schedule

1. User Flow Mapping

As the first step of the project, I worked on a new user flow to eliminate pain points in the overall user experience.

2. Wireframing & UX Design

Once it was clear what LIVEDAB's new user journey would look like, wireframes were drawn up for each step of the new webapp.

3. Design system & component library

In the end, in addition to a detailed screen design, a scalable design system with a large number of components was created.



LIVEDAB enables organizations, brands and individuals to transport their content statements and positions with visual support. LIVEDAB achieves this through so-called filters, which are familiar to many through social media apps.

User flow mapping for a better user journey

The first step was to get an overview of the current user flow and define the first pain points. Together with the customer, I then created a new user journey that provides a better experience for the users.

Userflow of LIVEDAB
Campaign Creation Process of LIVEDAB
The heart of LIVEDAB: The Campaign Creation Process (CCP)
Campaign Creation Process of LIVEDAB
The filter designer allows users to create their own filters directly in the browser
Different types of overlays
Different types of overlays
Components of the filter designer
Components of the filter designer

Design system and component library

Design system and component library

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We are very happy that we chose Flo for the redesign of our SaaS platform. The entire process went smoothly, he understood our needs quickly and deadlines were always met. We at LIVEDAB have benefited from Flo's expertise and problem-solving mentality. We look forward to future projects!

– Hannes Meine, Co-Founder of LIVEDAB

Filter Designer

The Filter Designer allows users to create their own filter designs easily and directly in the browser. The user has access to various functions and settings as already learned in other design tools.

LIVEDAB Filter Designer
UI of the backend dashboards

Backend Design

In addition to a redesign of the Campaign Creation Process, the backend was completely redesigned and based on the previously created design system. In the backend, the user has an overview of his campaigns at any time, can view statistics and make settings.