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New Webflow website for logistics company exporto

Relaunch based on Webflow for the company exporto. In cooperation with Dennis Rosenwick.

The new website of exporto

On the one hand, the relaunch of exporto was about creating a new design that is state of the art and would create a great recognition value. On the other hand, each page had to be restructured and rethought, so that in the future, visitors would understand exporto's services more easily and could easily contact us if they were interested.

Neue Startseite von Exporto
Überarbeitete Leistungsdarstellung

Perfectly adapted to any screen size

During the initial meeting with the client, it quickly became clear to me that services were not sufficiently communicated. In addition to restructuring the entire sitemap, I also redesigned the individual service pages. Through sensibly placed illustrations, exporto's services and processes are explained simply and visually.

Überblick über die verschiedenen Seitentypen
Overview of the different page types
Die neue Homepage von Exporto
The new exporto homepage
Leistungsseite „Brexit“
"Brexit" sub page
Illustration für Exporto
Illustration for exporto

Together with Florian we have redesigned and built our website - we are simply thrilled with the collaboration and especially with the result. Florian always understands immediately what we want and implements every little detail perfectly. He is always available, even at short notice, and works quickly, solution-oriented and professionally. His designs are modern, well thought-out and meet us and our company 100 percent.

We will always come back to Florian and can recommend him and his work without reservation.

– Julius Komp, Co-Founder of exporto

Responsive Darstellung der Exporto Website

Relaunch based on Webflow

With the cloud-based design tool Webflow, the relaunch for the logistics company exporto could be carried out in a very short time. Thanks to the unlimited freedom that Webflow offers, I was able to bring the previously created screen design pixel-perfectly onto the web. And that within only two weeks.