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Clients I could help:

What's important in the website for your SaaS product

Communicating functions simply

Your product, with all its important functions, must be presented simply, understandably and to the point. I can help you explain your digital product to your target audience.

Show advantages and benefits

In order for your target group to choose you, the advantages and also the benefits of your product must be clearly communicated.

Target the right audience

From the CEO to the project manager to the developer, your SaaS product needs to appeal to every entity in your target audience. It's important that each instance understands your product and receives the information they need.

Present prices in a clear way

In order to achieve a direct purchase, prices must be presented in an understandable and simple manner. No questions should remain unanswered here.

Design mit Auge fürs Detail

Pixel perfect and unique design for your website

Your new website SaaS product will be designed with a very high design standard and pixel perfect by me. I want you to stand out from the crowd with a modern and unique design and stay in the mind of your target audience.

It is also important that your tool and all its functions are simplified and reduced to the most important. It should be easy to understand, which is why we work with important excerpts, application examples and case stories of your product. This guarantees that your product is not only strategic, but also visually appealing to your target group.

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What you can expect from me as a customer

You can count not only on a perfectly thought-out concept, with a professional construction of your website or landing page, but also on a pixel-perfect and unique design, which is tailored to your SaaS product from A-Z.

Your new website will not consist of a prefabricated theme, but will be designed individually and by hand from scratch by me. Afterwards your website will be implemented for your SaaS product. This can happen in Webflow, Wordpress, Craft CMS or statically coded.

In the end, you will not only get a perfect design of your website, but it will also be put online for you.

Do you have any questions or would you like to work with me? I look forward to hearing from you!

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Florian Steinle

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I'll be happy to answer all your questions in a non-binding first meeting. Together we will then decide how I can best help you and advance your product. I look forward to our conversation!

The process:
Website for your Saas product


First interview

We get to know each other, whether on-site or digitally. Together we discuss your target audience and the objectives of your website.


Concept & Design

I start with the concept and create a design that fits your SaaS product or company.



After the design is completed, I code the new website and put it online for you.


How much budget do I need to budget for a complete website?

The question can not be answered in general and depends on many factors. In order to be able to give you a suitable budget information, it is best to arrange a non-binding initial meeting in which we discuss the scope of the project and your ideas.

How long will it take to finish the design of my new website?

The time required for the design and subsequent implementation of your website depends on various factors and the scope of your project. It is best to talk about your project in a non-binding initial meeting and go into all the necessary details. However, as a rule, you should expect a turnaround time of four weeks.

Is there a possibility to have the website coded an through you as well?

Through my large network of different professionals, the design of your new website can also be programmed directly through me and put online. Here we can guarantee you a perfect implementation.

What tool do you use to create a website?

I use Figma or Sketch for designing a website, because these tools are perfect for creating future-oriented screen designs, prototypes and more.