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I’m a 28 year-old freelance product designer from Düsseldorf, Germany. Specialised in designing digital products like websites, mobile & desktop apps and more. I’ve worked with really great clients all over the world.

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Florian Steinle

Some of my clients

I’ve worked for some great clients & partners from all over the world. They aren’t any trophies, they’re friends I’ve met over the years.

From satisfied clients

Working with Florian really is a pleasure. Communication is easy and straight forward, a big factor to the success of the projects we collaborated on. He values his work more than just "another project" and invests himself into it, creating UI/UX that inspires clients and colleagues alike. Always my partner of choice for app and web design.

Johann Weise

Together with Florian, we've build our website completly from scratch and we are way more than satisfied with the results! Working with him was extremly pleasant and outcome-driven as he did not just provide us with great designs and illustrations, but also really valuable iterations content-wise! Can highly recommend!

Moritz Weißbrodt

Flo is amazing to work with. He’s able to get up to speed and jump into a project very quickly. During discussions and design iterations, he’s able to communicate effectively and swiftly incorporate design feedback into future iterations. When indecision arose, he was a thought partner, who would come up with the right solution. Overall Flo is great to work with and we look forward to working with him again.

Alex Kirmse

Working with Florian is like bringing your kid to kindergarten. He clearly understands the user's needs, he brings your project to a new level (by creating truly appealing and conversion oriented designs), and he does his work in a very trustable and timely manner. Great guy to work with.

Matthieu Nicolay

Florian is a very talented designer and was able to quickly grasp what’s necessary in order to create compelling designs for ottonova. The first thing he did when he joined our team was to redesign our website. Florian skilfully rose to the challenge and created page after page within the deadlines and to our satisfaction. He also collaborated closely with our marketing and development team. I can highly recommend working with him.

Sebastian Scheerer

When you start a startup or a business, you have this idea, this vision in your mind, but the challenge often comes in communicating this idea properly to others. Not with Florian, Florian immediately understood the direction we wanted to go and what we wanted at the destination. He designed a beautiful, modern and unique website that 1-on-1 reflects us and our startup.

Florian Baum

We had a website that was very aged and needed updating. Our website is the face of the company so it needed to be modern, clean and easily say who we are. We tried several other web designers but there was always an issue of conveying exactly what we needed. We came across Florian’s contact and after our initial communications we knew this was the right fit. Florian has designed and delivered a world class site for us.

Ainsley Thompson

We hired Flo for the new concept and redesign for the online store of our print shop. We had high demands on the concept and the design because many functions are quite different from a normal online store. In the end Flo delivered us a highly sophisticated and individual design with a very well thought UX.

Florian Ehrbar

Together with Florian we have redesigned and built our website - we are simply thrilled with the collaboration and especially with the result. Florian always understands immediately what we want and implements every little detail perfectly. He is always available, even at short notice, and works quickly, solution-oriented and professionally. His designs are modern, well thought-out and meet us and our company 100 percent. We will always come back to Florian and can recommend him and his work without reservation.

Julius Komp

Florian brought our website to a professional and visually very appealing level for our commercial launch - both in the desktop and mobile version. We are now looking forward to launching into the market with this as a high-quality provider. The collaboration was always very pleasant, the communication fast and straightforward and the results good. Gladly again for the next UI/UX projects.

Claas Terpoorten

Florian and I worked together very closely during our time at Kreativgebiet. He’s a very solution oriented designer with a strong understanding of a multitude of patterns that inform his design decisions. We both joined the company as the first designers and I believe Florian drew a lot of learnings out of that which could benefit any startup.

Niclas Ernst

We are working with Florian for years now and have given a lot of projects to him. He is always fast and his work is always in very good quality. He can answer nearly all of the questions we have. It is always a pleasure to work with him and see his development over the years.

Felix Ruden

The cooperation with Flo is really uncomplicated and professional. Not only when it came to designing our new website he knew what we needed right away, but also when designing conversion optimized landing pages for our customers. You can see that he lives design and this is clearly reflected in his work.

Benjamin Pusch

Working with Florian at Kreativgebiet has been very delightful. He is very driven and passionate about his projects, his commitment and dedication energizes the whole team! He has a good understanding of the current design trends, and his work inspires a lot of people on social media. Furthermore, he has a great understanding of technology, and is fully capable of delivering realistic and convertible designs. In doing so, he maintains flexibility and a positive attitude when things become challenging.

Malte Boeing

We are very happy that we chose Flo for the redesign of our SaaS platform. The entire process went smoothly, he understood our needs quickly and deadlines were always met. We at LIVEDAB have benefited from Flo's expertise and problem-solving mentality. We look forward to future projects!

Hannes Meine
Florian Steinle

Why you should work with me

Through my many years of experience as a UI & UX designer, I know exactly what matters when it comes to conception, an excellent user experience and the design of digital products such as web apps and mobile apps. The conception, design and implementation of websites Webflow is done by me first hand.

Having worked for many clients from different industries, I know exactly how to get the maximum benefit from my client's budget.

Have questions or want to work with me? I look forward to hearing from you.

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Web Award Winner 2022

German Web Award Winner 2022

After almost three years of my self-employment I can proudly announce that I am the winner of the German Web Awards 2022.

I won with an excellent rating of 9.4/10 points against more than 2,000 other candidates. In comparison: the average rating was 6.4 points.

In the rating process, the design of my work, psychological know-how and customer satisfaction, among other things, were evaluated.

Web Award Gewinner 2022
Florian Steinle

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